How is it June 1st already?!?

Wow, June 1st...how has half of the year flown by already? As I changed my calendar this morning, I noticed all of the fun stuff coming up over the summer and came to the realization that it will be over before I know it!

On my calendar:
-Carrie Underwood concert tonight (I know, it's country...but the ticket was only $10.)
-Fireworks orientation on June 5th
-Trip to Phoenix for Whitney's wedding, June 10th-13th
-Brian Regan comedy show on June 25th
-"Eclipse" midnight showing on June 29th
-Selling fireworks with Mom and Dad from June 26th-July 4th
-Trip to San Francisco, July 21st-24th
-Volunteering at Jaialdi on the Basque Block, July 26th-August 1st
-Possible trip to Spokane, August 6th-8th
-Volunteer at Winefest, August 13th

And I'm sure I'll have lots more coming up also!

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kels&murr said...

so i just barely realized that you updated your blog a month ago! miss and love you!